Host Family: Your Student's Home Away From Home

Travel anywhere can be very stressful. The upset of normal routine, the immersion in a new culture which speaks a different language, and lack of access to the comforts of our own home can be a challenge for anyone. Add in the workload and pressures of attending school , and our international students face a substantial amount of strain.

That is why the anchor of the host family is so critically important to our international students' success. We believe that your host family is the most important part of your stay in the United States. Your host family will work diligently to help your student navigate the myriad of cultural and environmental challenges they will face upon arrival at CA and in the first few weeks of school as they get accustomed to American life. 

We work hard to find you a suitable host family, and have many excellent host families to choose from.  We do our best to match each student with the “right” family. To help us do this, we ask you to provide us with as much information as possible about yourself and what you are expecting from a host family. Are you looking for a big family with many children who will give you lots of attention or are you looking for a more private experience? Do you like to play sports? Do you like pets? What are your hobbies? Answering these questions can really help us find the best possible family for you. When applying for the school and our host family program please feel free to tell us as much as possible about yourself!

All international program accommodation hosts meet high standards for safety and comfort including, at least the following:

• A bed with clean linen
• Private storage for a student’s belongings (chest of drawers or a closet)
• Access to a bathroom with clean towels (typically bathrooms are shared among members of the host family)
• Full meal plans (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
• A quiet place to study, often in the student’s own room
• Airport pickup /drop off for student’s arrival and departure (either the host family does this or they arrange such for the student with the international office’s approval)
• When possible, accommodating special requests (like dietary restrictions or mobility challenges)

Because your host family experience is so critically important, we have created this Frequently Asked Questions Page (FAQ), which we are continually building as great questions are asked to hopefully touch on any of your questions or concerns.