Applying to WCA

We congratulate you for your wise decision to pursue enrollment at Williamsburg Christian Academy. We are dedicated to raising a generation of energetic and focused young people who will shape the world, and we are committed to providing every student with a robust academic experience that is complemented by carefully selected extracurricular activities. Our students follow a college preparatory plan of coursework and are provided with personal development opportunities that create academically, physically and socially well-rounded individuals.


Our International Program application process is different from our standard application process for students applying from inside the United States, and this page is laid out to provide you with the steps required to start and successfully complete the application process to be enrolled at our school.


All International Program applicants must start their application process by filling out our
pre-application. This form requests basic information, and does not in any way commit you to enrolling at WCA.  Once the pre-application is completed and submitted, it will be reviewed to ensure it meets our minimum admissions guidelines. If the pre-application is acceptable, your student and you will be scheduled for a web interview with our international program director, Rebecca Burch and our Head of School to allow you to ask any pertinent questions and to lay the groundwork of expectations, understandings, and requirements to continue forward in the application process.


Once the initial interview is complete, the family will need to sign several agreements from both the international student perspective and standard admissions documents from us, including acknowledgment of the rules and regulations in our student handbook, tuition and fees contracts, etc.


Once receipt of all required forms and fees has been received, the student shall be accepted for enrollment . At that time, the school will work in concert with WCA and all other required agencies as well as the selected host family that your student will domicile with during his/her education, to ensure that the transition process runs as smoothly as possible. This critically important step is designed to ease what can be a very stressful and overwhelming period of transition to the United States!