The WCA Tech Team

  • National Grand Prize Winner: 2016 Duralife UnLocker Challenge
  • Honorable Mention: 2016 C-SPAN StudentCam Contest
  • Honorable Mention: 2015 C-SPAN StudentCam Contest
  • Third Place Prize Winner: 2014┬áC-SPAN StudentCam Contest
The WCA Tech Team has a growing list of accomplishments in conjunction with the senior leadership class. The team has been repeatedly garnering awards for their assistance in our entries to the C-Span's National StudentCam contest, and in Spring 2016 they helped win a grand prize in the Duralife UnLocker contest.
Click here to read the full Press Release from Scranton Products describing WCA's Grand Prize Award in the UnLocker Challenge.
A Look at the sleek new lockers won by our leadership class and tech team from Duralife
In addition to working with the leadership class on contest submissions, the tech team routinely practices film shooting skills by digitally recording basketball games and other WCA events, and had even at one point produced a weekly podcast (called <>). They also provide support for operation of our various sound systems and projection equipment.

See the gallery below for some examples of the Tech Team's work, or visit our Youtube channel.