Drama and Performance Art

Performing arts and our drama program have been a long standing tradition at WCA. Starting with recreations of the manger scene in our early years, all the way to our two separate performing arts events today, WCA has celebrated our students God-given talents in acting, singing and dance for over 35 years.

Our performing arts are broken down into two events, in the Fall and Spring:

Fall: Night of Fine Arts

Spring: Spring Musical

Dan Stec

Drama Director

Now in it's second production, the Night of Fine Arts (NOFA) 2017 invites talents from all over the student body to put those talents on display. Not limited to performing arts, NOFA includes visual arts like photography, painting, graphic arts, even origami, as well as instrumental pieces, comedy and drama shorts, vocal solos and collaborations. 

What has resulted in the past two years has been a stunning display of not only courage, but also the blessing of amazing performances. 

Above is the Advertisement for the WCA Drama Club Production for 2019, High School Musical. 

Below is two students performing a silent sketch in our Veteran's Day Assembly.